LibreLingo progress: history and one-file dictionary

Though a better programmer could have probably done a much better job, much faster, but I think I made a reasonable progress today.

In the morning I was complaining about the Yak shaving while learning Ladino and then but then I got to the conclusion that I need to be able to measure my progress.

So I put together some code that will collect the number of words and phrases in each one of the LibreLingo languages and created a json file where I register the status of each course. Based on this I can now generate a page showing the history of the development of each course.

I also move the whole page to a new hostname. I hope to make it really useful for other people who will want to help with the course development or who are writing other courses.

I wrote and sent an email to the Ladino community I hope it will make through the moderators soon and I hope at least one person will want to help me. It would be awesome.

Yesterday I raised an idea with the LibreLingo developers to be able to write dictionary files in a simpler way. Today I managed to implement a simple version of it in my own repository. We'll see how that goes.

I also had a Spanish lesson.

All in all, the day was quite productive.

All that because the weather and the high infection level did not want me to go hiking.