LinkedIn contacts by programming languages

Now that I have a bunch of LinkedIn Pages in various topics I was wondering how many people can be found when searching for they keywords of my pages and how many of my contacts show up for the various searches.

I have 3,896 connections on LinkedIn. Inviting all of them would take a lot of time and would not make much sense. It is better to invite people interested in Python to the Python page, people interested in Perl to the Perl page, and people interested in DevOps to the DevOps page.

So I ran a search for the keyword "devops" and restricted it to my 1st connections. There were 564 people. Given that I can invite 100 people / month to each of these pages that will take 6 month max to invite them all. Maybe less if many accept my invitation as I can reuse the already accepted invitation tokens.

Then I started to wonder how many people in total in LinkedIn are listed using the keyword "DevOps". I got 956,268. An impressive size of potential audience for my DevOps page.

As I was already doing this I checked a few programming languages. Just for the fun. In this table you'll see the number of followers as reported by LinkedIn. For each keyword the unrestricted number and then number restricted to my 1st connections.

                 Total    1st connection
  TOTAL:        a lot     3.400

  Java       10,000,000   1,300
  JavaScript  6,330,000   1,300
  Python      5,190,000   1,300
  PHP         3,770,000     800
  Perl          797,000   1,800
  Ruby          775,000     397
  Golang         76,000      65

  DevOps        956,268     564

Not surprisingly the largest number of 1st connections by far is Perl.

As I can see the numbers reported are rough proxymations. They also change by quite a few more or less every time I run the same search.

Status of the pages

One week after I created the first pages these are the numbers of followers.

I am surprised that Perl is doing so well based on the hashtag followers, but I guess my name and the Perl Maven name is recognized by relatively more people than the Code-Maven name.

Published on 2020-07-17 by Gabor Szabo