Meet-OS, the first public version

It is not the first time I was thinking about creating a platform for organizing meetings, but this time I have a plan and started to work on it.

After many weeks of "research", that is, learning more Rust and writing almost 100 articles about Rust, and then after 2 days of actual coding (and doing more research), yesterday I finally published the first version of Meet-OS.

The fun part was that I wanted it to be included in the January 03 edition of This week in Rust, so I had to have a working web site yesterday afternoon.

This forced me reduce the scope of the first version. I hard-coded lots of things and the site does not even have a registration system yet, but it already shows the Rust Maven group and the first event: Web development with Rocket. I even figured out that people who are interested in this even could follow the issue that asks for the registration system.

Then, of course, I realized there will be very few people noticing the event, so I'll have to promote it in other channels, but it was still a good way to motivate myself.

In the next few days I need to implement the registration and then I can start promoting the first even on some other channels as well.