🎂 The first 100 articles on Rust Maven 🦀

Recently I added the total number of articles to the archive of Rust Maven and so today I noticed that I've just published the 100th article on the Rust Maven site.

OK, it is a tiny cheating as I can see the list also includes the about page and the page to subscribe to the Rust Maven newsletter.

The first post on the Rust Maven site is dated 2023-08-27, slightly more than 4 months ago.

month count
August 6
September 6
October 9
November 17
December 52
January 10
  • August only had a few days left when I started to write.
  • September - I think I spent most of my time updating the slide, but I am not really sure.
  • October started promising, but when Hamas attacked us and the war broke out I stopped writing on the Rust Maven. (Instead I wrote about Israel in English and in Hungarian.
  • November - a month after the war started I switched gears. I felt my posts about Israel don't have much impact and started to channel my energy into Rust.
  • December - that was a very productive month in terms of Rust article writings. I published almost every day and many days I published several articles. Some of the articles were only index pages for article series and they probably should not count, but they can be very useful to anyone looking for information about a certain topic.
  • January - It is still only 10:00 am on January 4th and I have just published the 10th article. The month and the year starts well.

Visitor count and subscribers

Google Analytics tells me that on regular days the site gets about 80 visitors, when This week in Rust is published with links to my articles this jumps to 230, 400, 150 for the 3 days around it. So I guess I can say it brings in roughly 230 + 400 + 150 - 3*80 = 540 extra visitors. Nice.


I already shared my plans I jut need to keep up the pace.