The doctor told me I should do something else and not sit in front of the computer all the time.

I told the doctor that my hobby is learning new things and contributing to open source code. The doctor was not impressed.

Hiking and walking outside is a much better alternative, but with 38C and sometimes 80% humidity during the day I can't be outside too much.

So I though I try to pick-up Origami.

Of course where can you learn Origami - from YouTube videos and web site like these:

Origami Way

Origami Instructions

Easy Origami from the Origami Guide

However these are still on-line. I might be folding papers, but I am still in-front of my computer or my phone.

Maybe I need to buy a book made out of paper to learn Origami from that.

However looking at those site I could not help, but got frustrated by the tons of very distracting ads. That brought me to the thoughts outlined in the ad-free browsing post. Nothing new there I guess.