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Padre, the Perl IDE - Business solutions

Padre, which stands for Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment is a Perl IDE, or Perl editor that aims to be the leading Perl development tool.

I have started to develop it in June 2008 and it quickly got some attention from several other developers. There is a vibrant development community around it that can provide free support if that's what you need.

In order to make Padre a well supported platform I am providing (via my company) additional paid services for Padre and for Perl development.


You can download Padre for Windows from the web page of the project free of charge. From the same place you can get instructions how to install it on Linux and Mac OSX.

Integration of Padre with other products

  • Would you like to connect Padre to the internal information system of your company?
  • Do you need to connect the development environment to your internal build system?

In any case, I provide custom development for Padre.

Fund a feature

In the Padre development team our vision is to implement all the features people ask for either in the core or as a plug-in. Development takes time and we have to spend a lot of time earning money with other types of Perl development or training.

There are plenty of feature requests already in the queue along with requests to fix bugs. We are working on these and adding further feature requests on a daily basis. Still, as your priorities might be different from those of the open source development team it might take a long time before we implement the features you need.

In order to accelerate the development of certain features you could decide to fund that feature. That will allow me to direct more of my time to Padre development and implement the feature you need soon.

Padre and Perl Training

See services

Moving your Perl application to a newer version of Perl

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