Perl Maven Cookbook

After a long period of yak shaving, yesterday I decided to go for the short-cut and set up a minimal system for the Perl Maven web site.

In a nutshell, the idea is that I'll start putting all the Perl 5 related post on the Perl 5 Maven site and keep the community related and other stuff on my personal web site.

This will allow all kinds of things. For example, I can start writing about Perl 6 again, keeping the post on my personal site. Hopefully reducing confusion. This will also allow the invitation of guest authors to post on the Perl Maven site.

In order to make it easier for people to follow what I post on the that site I set up a newsletter where I'll post the new articles.

Perl Maven Cookbook

I was dragging this too for too long. I have been planning to publish the Perl Maven Cookbook but as it is far from being "ready" I kept postponing.

So I use the opportunity of finally opening the Perl Maven web site, to publish the 0.01-st edition of the Perl Maven Cookbook. I have not decided yet if I am going to offer it for sale or not, for now, only people who are registered to the Perl Maven newsletter will get the cookbook and the updates to it.

So what's in the cookbook?

Well, it is really only the beginning of it. There are a few examples and only one of them has a longer explanation. This is the list of examples. I think some of them even work.

  • Create Unix user account - a wrapper around adduser
  • Reporting file system diskspace usage like df
  • Reporting diskspace usage on a mail server
  • A du like script
  • Send files by e-mail
  • Read Excel file
  • Process file with fixed width records
  • Process file with multi-line records
  • Process multi field csv file
  • Fetch web page
  • Generate web page (CGI)
  • Parse XML file
  • Database access using DBI and DBD::SQLite
  • Accessing and LDAP server using Net::LDAP
  • Tie::File

So here is the thing, if you are interested in the Perl 5 articles I have been writing and you'd like to read more, go ahead, subscribe to the Perl 5 Maven newsletter.