Perl Weekly two days later

Two days ago I wrote that the Perl Weekly reached 3000 subscribers. The article was posted to Hacker News and to Reddit.

I give some details on the numbers as I know you might be interested in this stuff.

The posting brought 1900 visitors to my site: approx. 1150 directly from Hacker News, 110 from (which is the URL shortening service of Twitter), 85 from reddit, (this seems to be surprisingly low) and the others were mostly unaccounted for. I guess that means RSS feeds.

Approximately 500 people clicked through to Perl Weekly and 200 registered to the mailings list.

In addition, there are now 426 RSS subscribers (a decrease of 4, ???) 290 followers on Twitter (an increase of 31), 618 people put the Perl Weekly in their Google+ circle (an increase of 31) and 132 people liked it on Facebook (an increase of 9).

Let me thank to Tudor Constantin for taking the initiative and submitting my article. Please pat him on the should when you see him!

Let me also welcome all the new readers of the Perl Weekly. (Yes, I know, they are probably not reading this post so I'll welcome them in the newsletter as well...)

The future

In the last few weeks the growth rate of the Perl Weekly newsletter was a lot flatter, than in the first 6 months. I think it was partially due to the 3 social networks I started to use.

I was hoping to use them in order to drive more people to register to the newsletter but apparently many people preferred to follow the Perl Weekly via Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

That's OK, I'll just have to improve the way I post the links on these networks.

The sudden increase in the number of subscribers tells me there must still be many thousands of people out there who would probably be interested in the Perl Weekly, but have not heard about it.

For example, based on some estimates, there are about 13,000 people subscribed to the mailing lists of the 200 Perl Monger groups.

There are 8,748 people in the Perl group and 6,725 people in the Perl Mongers group on LinkedIN.

In addition, according to O'Reilly there were 15,786 Perl books sold in 2011.

I am sure there are also many thousands of people who don't belong to any of those groups but use Perl.

I guess some of these people will be also interested in reading Perl news. In one form or in other.

Maybe you could help me reach out to those people and get the sign up to the

Perl Weekly