Ranking of Perl sites 2019 January

Once in a while I check the ranking of various Perl-related web sites using Alexa. Today, January 18, 2019, I checked cpan.org and I was surprised to see that it is still in a rather good place: 165,690.

See the current status at: Alexa for cpan.org

In the graph you can see that it started to drop around July.

It is not surprising as on 24 June, 2018 search.cpan.org was redirected to MetaCPAN.org that has started to increase its ranking at the same time:

What surprises me is that there are still so many people visiting cpan.org. I wonder if all these people go to cpan.org type in a query and go to MetaCPAN.org, or if Alexa counts all the people who try to reach search.cpan.org (maybe via a link from somewhere) and then they get redirected, or if there is so much real and interesting content on cpan.org that I have missed.

BTW I also keep a tab on the monthly visitors to CPAN. In case that interests you.

And a little update on the position of the web sites.


site 16 Feb 2018 18 Jan 2019
metacpan.org 147,167 36,710
perl.org 48,609 53,177
perlmonks.org 50,906 61,326
perlmaven.com 113,094 101,765
movabletype.org 393,944 154,043
cpan.org 48,073 165,690
bugzilla.org 215,968 301,191
strawberryperl.com 318,234 359,370
perl.com 488,704 380,405
twiki.org 572,399 536,505
munin-monitoring.org 511,255 538,227
otrs.org 517,920 581,350
perlmeme.org 512,252 713,170

For older reports see

Oh and in case you were wondering how close are these Alexa rankins to real traffic a few years ago I checked the meaning of Alexa rankings comparing them to traffic numbers reported by Google Analytics.