Recursive development that leads nowhere

I don't know how do others deal with this but it happens to me too often.

A couple of days ago I though it would be cool the create a sort of application platform for easy Perl development and distribution. I write about that later but to be short after discussing it with Steffen Mueller I got to the conclusion I need to write a GUI for the PAR::Repository::Client.

Further thinking led me to the idea to first try to write a GUI for I looked in the code and talked to Andreas J. Koenig about it and set to working on it.

As I am not seasoned wxPerl developer I thought I'll copy the basic modules from Padre such as the menu and the main frame. Just to get started. When I got to the menu part I though it would be much nicer to abstract it out and create a module that given a data structure describing the menu would build the menu. Sure that might be a nice module but it is already getting too far from the original project. So I postponed this one and went on copying and reducing the file from Padre. Some more work and I am almost done with a very basic first window but it still does not open the window.

I got fed-up with this trial-and-error and I though I should create a script that would generate a basic layout of modules for a wxPerl application. Oh, this is another project now about 4 levels away from my original one. Good. So I look around and I think what I really need is to create a plug-in for Module::Starter. Shall go now on IRC to talk to Ricardo SIGNES or shall I just try to do that and talk later?

I should write about in my blog. But wait just a few days ago I was thinking in Shall I enable some form of track-back or commenting?, that I should add some way for people to provide feedback.

So before blogging I should add a feedback form to my blogging software. It is not much work, you know, but it is just another step in the recursion towards the black hole of not doing anything.

But wait. I already started to add that form I just stopped as I noticed there are not enough unit tests in the application so first I wanted to add more unit tests.

I guess I should go and eat something.

Published on 2008-10-21 by Gabor Szabo