Report for January 2013

Last year, I wrote monthly TODO lists, and reports of my online accomplishments. Well, I wrote them sometime. This year, I have not even written a New Year's Resolution as it was so unclear what was the correlation between my plans for 2012 and my actual results.

So let's write just results.

(Yes, I know, it is bit late for the January report, but better late than...)

January 2013 report

A toal of 17 articles.

The Unique visitor count on the Perl 5 Maven site went from 14,275 in December 2012, to 21,707 in January 2013. (That's 52% growth though December is a relatively slow month due to the Holidays.) The visits count went from 17,815 in December 2012, to 27,799 in January 2013. The Returning visitors rate went up from 24.79% to 27.79%.

At the same time went from 6,913 unique visitors to 8,206. This surprised me a bit, as I thought it will decline, but maybe the effect of December is bigger than what I thought.

Beginner level

The following articles were part of the Perl Tutorial.

META::CPAN related articles

There were several articles on how to fetch data from Meta CPAN via its API and how to configure the CPAN modules so they - or rather their META files - provide some of the information.

Perl and Windows

While for me personally Windows is only a secondary platform, I believe there are many people who use Windows who could use Perl solving some issues. For that it seems to be important to make sure most of the CPAN modules work on Windows as well.

General help

Someone asked me for help with parsing a log file. Here is the solution.

Community related

I was happy to see that this year too the Perl community was present at FOSDEM. Both with a dev-room and a booth.


A solution with Unix/Linux Shell and a bit of Perl.


I had 3 on-site training days running a Beginner Perl Maven course.

Plans for February 2013