Gábor self reporting for 2021.09.01

This report is for August-September 2021 (See also the list of previous reports).


Well, it would seem I switch to a bi-monthly reporting, however that's only because I was too busy a month ago and when I woke up that I should write my monthly report I felt it was already too late.

Besides, I think nothing really interesting and public things happened in August and the same was the situation in September as well.

The cause? I have a client with a nice little (10 K lines of code) application written in Python and I worked a lot writing tests and cleaning up the code-base. We already reached 34% test coverage and we are on the right path to stabilize the code-base and start to be able to deploy it. This takes up a lot of my time.

Unfortunately this did not give me time to program in Crystal nor could I do a lot of public pair-programming sessions.

Personal blog posts

My free time and energy to do the Daily Task lasted only till mid-August and then the posts dried up only to start again 2 days ago. There were 15 posts on my personal site in August and 2 more in September.


Number of followers:

  Hebrew:   622 (-1)
  English:  559 (+5)
  Spanish:   47 (+5)
  Hungarian: 11 (+1)

  Perl:    802 (+4)
  Python:  724 (+10)
  DevOps:  363 (+2)
  Golang:  213 (+1)

  Personal: 4,250 (+9)

I started to post in Spanish, but not enough.


Same as last month, I primarily posted in my two main Twitter accounts.

Number of followers:

  szabgab:      2,435 (-)
  PerlWeekly:   2,795 (-1)
  PerlMaven:      581 (-3)
  Code__Maven:     22 (-)


No huge changes here.

  • 2021.09 ended with 59 Patrons and 7 followers
  • 2021.07 ended with 61 Patrons and 7 followers
  • 2021.05 ended with 63 Patrons and 8 followers
  • 2021.04 ended with 62 Patrons and 8 followers
  • 2021.03 ended with 66 Patrons and 8 followers
  • 2021.02 ended with 66 Patrons and 8 followers
  • 2021.01 ended with 68 Patrons and 8 followers
  • 2020.12 ended with 66 Patrons and 8 followers
  • 2020.11 ended with 69 Patrons and 6 followers
  • 2020.10 ended with 66 Patrons and 6 followers
  • 2020.09 ended with 63 Patrons and 6 followers
  • 2020.08 ended with 54 Patrons and 6 followers.
  • 2020.07 ended with 30 Patrons

See a partial list of supporters.

Perl Maven

On the Perl Maven site there are 2 posts in August and 1 post in September.

You can see them in the archive.

Code Maven

On the Code Maven site there are 3 post in August and 6 posts in September. (17 posts in June and 6 in July, 21 posts in May, 16 in April, 7 in March, 2 in February and 12, 2, 7, 13 in the previous months).

You can see them in the archive there.

Perl Weekly

In the past 2 months I edited 5 of the issues and Manwar edited 4 issues of the Perl Weekly newsletter.


The number of followers on the various YouTube channels:

  English:   2,326 (+37)
  Hebrew:      220 (+13)
  Spanish:      17 (+6)
  Hungarian:    12 (+2)

Webinars and Meetups

In these 2 months I had no webinar.

Live Pair programming

I had 1 event with Ivett Ördög in English and 2 with Sharon Bone in Spanish live pair programming events

These days I do a lot of pair programming with my clients so I have a lot less energy for doing public pair-programming sessions.

I also had a number of pair-programming and pair-learning sessions with Upasana Shukla, but neither of us felt comfortable to make it public. However they helped both of us a lot.

Spanish lessons

Keep using Duolingo on a very shallow level.

I started to have Spanish lessons via italki again. Actually quite a few and especially with people from Latin-America. It is fun to talk to people from Columbia, Ecuador, Argentia, Uruguay, and later probably from other countries as well.

Arabic lessons

A few week ago I started to learn Arabic using Duolingo. I was really hesitant to write about it here, because most likely I'll stop learning it soon without any results and I feel there are way too many "projects" I start and never reach a useful level. I don't think I'll be able to converse in Arabic, not even at the level I speak in Spanish, but maybe I'll be able to understand a few words said around me and I might be able to say a fee words.

I started with Duolingo, but I am really not satisfied with the way they teach Arabic. I've already have 29 crowns, meaning about 120-180 lessons and we hardly learned any words. It is mostly trying to teach me sounds and how to write them. This is especially bad as they use English as the teaching language. For me I guess it would be much easier to learn it from Hebrew. After all there are a lot of similarities between the two languages.


On one hand I got the 3rd shot, on the other hand there are a lot of new cases, many seriously ill people and also many dead. A large part of it is all the people who are not vaccinated yet, especially children, but also the vaccinated seem to behave as if they were fully protected.

We are not and the effect of the shots are wearing off with time so we should still keep some distance.


Playing lots of games on Dragon Go Server and a few on Online Go.


According to Runkeeper I went walking 20 times in August and 19 times in September.


If you are interested in the routes and the pictures here are the 1 hike I had in June:

See also my Hiking in Israel Meetup group.


I had so many plans earlier and almost none of them worked out as I was working on the clients code so much. I did that because I enjoyed it so not a great loss for me, but now I am wondering if I can plan anything for the next month or two. I will probably keep working on the code of this client for at least on more month, probably more. Maybe I can reduce the intensity.

I also hope I can continue working on my Spanish-language material for HTML/CSS/JavaScript and then eventually Python.