Rust on Instagram

I am not a regular Instagram user, but somtimes I open it and try to figure out how it works.

A couple of days ago I noticed that there are a number of Python-related accounts with more than a million followers. I looked for Rust-related accounts I could only find a few mostly inactive account that had only a few thousand followers.

It is either that Rust developers are not on Instagram, or that so far no one put enough energy into making a popular account.

As having a popular Instagram account about Rust might fit will with my plans with Rust I thought I'll try make one.

So welcome to the Rust Maven on Instagram.

I already had an account called Code Maven with a few followers, but only two posts. I renamed the account to Rust Maven, removed the old posts and published a few images of code. I mentioned it in the Rust Maven newsletter and posted about it in the Rust Programming Language Facebook group. I got a few new followers and a few likes.

I know it will be a long process to get tracktion there, but let's do some analyzis of what is out there.

In each group the accounts are ordered by number of followers

Rust-related Instagram accounts

account posts followers following
rust_programming_language 12 2,374 16
rustlanguage 7 1,223 0 14 576 9
rust_language_ 19 283 434
rust_lang_ 1 75 6

Popular Instagram accounts for programming languages

account posts followers following
python.hub/ 3,680 1,600K 75
python.learning 1,908 1,100K 17
python.coder_ 1,328 1,100K 101
pycoders 1,606 494K 261
python_is_trash 142 491K 0 1,117 164K 9
python_scripts 427 48K 433

Some more popular programming-related Instagram account

For some reason I used to follow these accounts.

  • github 753 posts, 421K followers, 32 following
  • thecodergeek 398 posts, 152K followers, 22 following
  • code.know 333 posts, 130K followers, 45 following
  • gitlab 65 posts, 90K followers, 20 following
  • cloudcomputinghub 209 posts, 23K followers, 23 following

Popular programming-related hashtags


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