Slightly broken links on Ironman

I am reading Planet Perl Iron Man quite often and I see there are several blogs that instead of linking to the home page of the blogger link back to IronMan.

Each post has a link with the name of the author, one with the title of the blog and one called permalink. The last two lead to the post itself. The first one either leads to the main page of the blog, the home page of the author or in many cases back to the IronMan.

This is from the current front page:

5 out of 17 bloggers (multiple entries by one person were removed) have a link to their home page. 12 are just linking back to IronMan.

It is unclear to me if the RSS feeds used by IronMan don't supply the information or if IronMan does not read some of the feeds correctly or if this is something else but it is a pity. It is slightly inconvenient when I would like to visit the home page of the person and probably reduces the SEO value of that listing.

For example as I can see none of the feeds from have their link back. Just to compare, I also looked at Perlsphere. There all the links to are intact (except mine) though I am not sure they come from the feeds or if they are hard coded in a configuration file.

(Since I made the post Leo Lapworth was kind enough and replaced by feed on Perlsphere so that one points to my blog as well).

Published on 2011-07-17 by Gabor Szabo