Subversion and SVK

Subversion is a hot topic in the field of Configuration Management. Since its first official stable release it took the Open Source market by storm and based on the traffic on the SVN Users mailing list many commercial companies have also moved their version control to it.

I have been providing Subversion training and consulting services for some time now.

Subversion compared and recent threads in the Subversion related mailing lists


Importing a new project:
On the server:

  mkdir c:\svn
  mkdir c:\svn\repos
  svnadmin create c:\svn\repos\project

On the client:

  mkdir c:\tmp
  mkdir c:\tmp\project
  copy from original place of the project to c:\tmp\project\
  svn mkdir file:///c:/svn/repos/project/trunk -m'create trunk'
  cd c:\tmp\project
  svn import . file:///c:/svn/repos/project/trunk/

Published on 2006-07-19 by Gabor Szabo