The goal

Yesterday I wrote a bit about going back to YouTube, and I have plenty more subjects to write about these days, but maybe the most important is to describe the goal of the investment in YouTube, LinkedIn, articles on my web sites etc.

After many years of providing many hours of consulting work and using my free time to create content that help people, it is time to change and make my content creation economically sustainable.

In other words, I would like to reach a point where the majority of my income comes from my online activities.

I still plan to do some consulting work and I definitely plan to do more training, but I would like to improve the relation between my online free activity and my income.

I mean I would like to see the tons of free posts on the Code Maven site, on the Perl Maven site, on YouTube, and on various other places directly drive my income. That will enable me to create even more of this free content.

Not only that, but there are other services I'd like to build, similar in vein to the PyDigger that collects information and encourages people to contribute to some good cause. In the case of the PyDigger site, that's improving Open Source Python projects.

Build things that help me provide better service

Let me describe it in another way. Many times when I do consulting work it soon changes into something more similar to contract work where the majority of my work is not improving the work environment for other, but implementing features. As these are all inside companies very little part of my work can I reuse later. Basically only the knowledge.

IMHO it would be much better to my clients as well, if the majority of the work I did could be converted into reusable libraries or reusable examples that I can publish on my web sites. That would probably mean less time spent at clients and more time creating these solutions and teaching materials.

I already have tons of such materials. Both as regular articles on my web sites and as part of my slides.

Now I "only" need to generate more income from the content so I can spend even more time creating it.

I'll be back with more thoughts, for now, let me invite you to register on the Code-Maven site.