The sources of Perl related news - did you announce the release of your module?

It's time to celebrate.

I just managed to send out the 4th issue of the Perl Weekly.

At first it did not look like a difficult task, but reading all the interesting stuff the Perl community is producing takes a long time. I also need to try to understand the various posts, even when they are in areas far removed from my admittedly little expertise.

It is also hard to decide which items to include and which to leave out, but I hope I'll get better at this with time.

For now I have collected a list of sources I am checking before sending out an issue.

Are there other sources you could suggest I look at?

No announcement for Catalyst?

Personally I do not use Catalyst so maybe I don't know where to look, but it was a mere luck I noticed the release of Catalyst 5.9 thanks to a nice post by John Napiorkowski.

I wonder how many other CPAN modules have major releases without announcing them? I know it is much more fun to just write code. Even for writing documentation you don't need to leave your editor. OTOH writing a blog post you need to switch to ...

Wait, I am writing my blog posts in my editor! Surely a vi or emacs user could configure her editor to allow posting on They can't be that much weaker than Padre. (grin)

Do your project a favor

If you don't have a blog aggregated on the ironman sign up to and write an announcement next time you have an interesting release that you don't want to hide.

Lastly, please don't forget what I asked in 3 simple ways to help the Perl community. Write a comment. Tweet it and share on Facebook!

Published on 2011-08-22 by Gabor Szabo