TODO 2011 December

I have lots of things to TODO in the coming weeks which always makes me less productive. I need to somehow prioritize my tasks.

Or at least list them.

Perl Maven video courses

In the last 4 weeks I recorder more that 160 lectures for 3 Perl Maven courses. More than 70 people bought from the courses. Some of them bought 2 or even all 3 courses.

The problem is that the courses are not yet finished. I still need to record a lot of lectures. This seems to be probably the most urgent thing to do as these people have already paid.

Upcoming course - material and PDF

I have two upcoming courses at a local company. The content of the beginner part is ready but I need to make a lot of improvements to the advanced part.

Besides that, I need to finish the PDF generator code as the old system I was using is broken. Instead of trying to finish that which was Linux dependent anyway, I am writing my own PDF generator in Perl.

This is quite urgent as the beginner course will start within a few weeks.

Perl Tutorial

The free Perl Tutorial I am writing is also missing a lot of parts. Even the ones that I wrote will need to be improved a lot.

I think I'll have to slow down with this, at least till I finish the tasks that I am getting paid for.

Perl Weekly news

Besides the regular work on the Perl Weekly I was also planning some additional services around it. I made some progress but it is a bit early to announce it.


There is a package called Padre on Strawberry Perl for Windows that both needs to be updated and renamed. After all, Padre is not the most important part of that distribution any more.

A while ago I decided to call it Dwim Perl.

I need to finish the web site (I already got a version of it from a GCI student) and create a new release.

I have also built a Linux version of it that I am already using on a server. I'd need to finish that too so I can release it.

The initial version will not include Padre or any other GUI element. It will be a "server" version.

Israeli Perl Workshop

The Israeli Perl Workshop will take place on 28 February 2012. I am co-organizing it with Sawyer X.

The talk submission dead-line is coming up soon. Then we'll have to pick the talks and maybe to add a few of our own.

I also need to increase my efforts to find sponsors.

Other tasks

I think I have a few other urgent tasks but this is enough for now.


I wrote this 2 days ago but as I am publishing it I already managed to add more than 20 new lectures to Beginner Perl Maven video course.

It's starting to look good now.

I'll need to explain what's the difference between the video version and the free text version.

Published on 2011-12-19 by Gabor Szabo