Update on some open issues

Perl Jobs

The poll What are the most important features of an employer or a job opportunity for you? has ended. Results and raw data are available.


An update to the "Business awareness of Perl developers" blog:

I checked the size of the various groups again after 2 weeks:

 .NET       37,586 => 38,560 (growth: 974   2.5%)
 Java       33,080 => 33,984 (growth: 904   2.7%)
 PHP        16,609 => 16,890 (growth: 281   1.7%)
 Python      9,538 =>  9,690 (growth: 152   1.5%)
 Javascript  8,506 =>  8,664 (growth: 158   1.8%)
 Ruby        8,412 =>  8,602 (growth: 190   2.2%)
 Perl        3,891 =>  4,050 (growth: 159   4.0%)

I can imagine a title: The growth rate of Perl Mongers is double that of PHP, Python and Ruby combined! (4.0% compared to 1.8%) after all that's all just statistics.... but some people would think this is important.

Well, it is, so this is the link to sign up to the Perl Mongers group on LinkedIn.

Visitor count

In "Falling number of visitors?" I quoted a few numbers about visitors count. Since then I have been blogging every day and got an average of 300 visitors every day. Now I only need to increase the interest level of my blogs.

Really I should ask you! What would you like to read about?

Published on 2010-05-16 by Gabor Szabo