More Perl Maven followers on LinkedIn than #Perl followers

Today the number of followers of the Perl Maven LinkedIn page surpassed the number of followers of the #perl hashtag.

Given the rather low number of followers is not a huge accomplishment, but it it is still something to mention and celebrate.

In the beginning of July I created several technology-specific LinkedIn pages including one called Perl Maven.

To get a feeling of the "market potential" I also checked the number of followers of various hashtags and the total number of people on LinkedIn mentioning various programming languages.

Back then the #perl hashtag had 519. Today it has 571. I don't know for sure, but I'd like to think that some of my activities helped that number grow too. In any case today, Jan 2, 2021, is the first day that I see the number of the Perl Maven follower (574) surpass that of the #perl followers.

You might ask how I managed to get to this point?

Every month LinkedIn allocates us 100 tokens to invite 100 of our LinkedIn contacts to follow our page. I used that every month.

I posted about the LinkedIn page in the Perl Weekly and in the Perl Maven newsletter.

I also posted many articles and videos to the LinkedIn page itself making it worth to follow.

The result is that there are now 574 followers out of which 379 are my direct contacts. So almost 200 people who are not directly connected to me.

If you are are a LinkedIn user but not following my page yet, then go ahead and follow the Perl Maven.

Published on 2021-01-02 by Gabor Szabo