Other Programming languages for Perl developers

Even though there are a lot more Python or JavaScript developers around the world than people who use Perl these days, still the largest number of my LinkedIn contacts are people who mention Perl on their profile. The majority of my "audience" are Perl users. (Primarily via the Perl Weekly and the Perl Maven site.)

It has it's own bias, but see the number of LinkedIn contacts by programming language.

So I was interested what they want to read about. I thought "Perl" being obvious, I wanted to know what other programming language they might be interested in?

During the end of December 2020 I ran a poll on LinkedIn on the Perl Maven page asking people What programming language would you like to learn now?

There were 117 votes during the one-week poll. The Perl Maven page had 570 followers by this time.

The responses were:

   Python: 37%
   Go:     28%
   JavaScript/NodeJS: 14%
   Other:  21%

In the comment section several people wrote "More perl" or "Perl 5" and even "Perl 7".

Specific mentions were Mojolicious and Template Toolkit

VueJS as a front-end partner for Perl.

A few mentioned Raku. Especially in the context of Data Science.

Rust was the most often mentioned.


Python - because of Django.


Modern C/C++.




Compare this to my first poll about DevOps where I got a total of 232 votes.

Published on 2021-01-04 by Gabor Szabo