Perl Maven over 5,000 visits a day

It was only a month ago that the Perl Maven site crossed the 4,000 visits a day and only 2 months since it went over 3,000 visits a day.

Yesterday it crossed the 5,000 visits a day line.

(All this according to Clicky which constantly shows higher numbers than Google Analytics, but they both show the growth.)

This means the site has really recovered from the domain name change that was made on 1 May 2013 that felt the negative impact a few days later already.

It is also growing much faster than I expected. I wonder how high can it go with content almost exclusively for Perl programmers.

BTW The site first passed the 2,000 visits a day on 25 February 2013.

As I was already digging in the stats, I looked up that the first time it had 1,000 visits a day, was on 15 November, 2012.

Of course that's not even fair as the initial growth mostly came from the fact that pages, that were originally posted on, were moved over to the Perl Maven. already had over 1,000 visits a day back in May 2012 that slowly went down to a few hundred a day these days.

Anyway. It is time to celebrate!

Published on 2013-12-11 by Gabor Szabo