Perl Maven over 6,000 visits a day

It was only two month ago that the Perl Maven site crossed the 5,000 visits a day line and yesterday we passed 6,000 visits a day.

It is a bit a slowdown, but still very fast.

When elapsed Milestone
2014 Feb 26( 77 days)6,000
2013 Dec 11( 35 days)5,000 visits a day
2013 Nov 06( 32 days)4,000
2013 Oct 05(222 days)3,000
2013 Feb 25(102 days)2,000
2012 Nov 15(136 days)1,000
2012 Jul 02 0

(Numbers according to Clicky which constantly shows higher numbers than Google Analytics, but they both show the growth.)

Published on 2014-02-26 by Gabor Szabo
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