Gábor self reporting for 2021.07

This report is for June-July 2021 (See also the list of previous reports).


The previous report was late, only on 11 June and then at the beginning of July I completely forgotten to write my report. Probably because on the 3rd of July I flew to Hungary to stay with my mother for 3 weeks. Only a few days ago I thought about it and now I got back on schedule and I am preparing the report on the 1st August.

A large part of my time in the previous two months was spent on learning Crystal, preparing the presentation for the Crystal 1.0 Conference and preparing the slides for the Crystal course I started to teach via Zoom.

I got several new clients. Mostly helping them with the development process. (Git, GitLab, CI pipeline, Dockerisation, Kubernetes (K8s), Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure are the major components.) I already have experience with some of the things we need to do, but many things are new to me so this includes a lot of learning as well. Which, I have to admit, is hard.

In May-June the COVID wave in Israel was very low and by July also in Hungary the reported cases were very low. I used the opportunity to visit my mother for the first time in 1.5 years. It was really great to be able to spend some time with her.

I also managed to meet some friends.

Being able to be in touch via video-chats made this year and a half much easier, but being in the same space, or going for a hike together is way better. Even if avoided physical contact with my friends to reduce our risks.

Personal blog posts

There were 9 posts on my personal site in 2 month, 7 of them in the last 10 day. The reason for this surge is my Daily Task project (that maybe I should have called daily blog).


Number of followers:

  Hebrew:   623 (+3)
  English:  554 (+2)
  Spanish:   42 (-)
  Hungarian: 10 (-)

  Perl:    798 (+2)
  Python:  714 (+24)
  DevOps:  361 (-2)
  Golang:  212 (+1)

  Personal: 4,241 (+17)

Without posting often one can't gain new followers.


Same as last month, I primarily posted in my two main Twitter accounts.

Number of followers:

  szabgab:      2,435 (-1)
  PerlWeekly:   2,796 (+7)
  PerlMaven:      584 (-1)
  Code__Maven:     22 (-1)


Number of followers from the May 2021 report. Recently I started to avoid Facebook again. I'll get back once I feel I have enough self-control not to waste my time there.

                 Follow         Like
  Perl  Maven:    288 (+7)      270 (+7)
  Python Maven :  171 (+3)      168 (+3)
  Hebrew:          27 (-)       27 (-)


No huge changes here.

  • 2021.07 ended with 61 Patrons and 7 followers
  • 2021.05 ended with 63 Patrons and 8 followers
  • 2021.04 ended with 62 Patrons and 8 followers
  • 2021.03 ended with 66 Patrons and 8 followers
  • 2021.02 ended with 66 Patrons and 8 followers
  • 2021.01 ended with 68 Patrons and 8 followers
  • 2020.12 ended with 66 Patrons and 8 followers
  • 2020.11 ended with 69 Patrons and 6 followers
  • 2020.10 ended with 66 Patrons and 6 followers
  • 2020.09 ended with 63 Patrons and 6 followers
  • 2020.08 ended with 54 Patrons and 6 followers.
  • 2020.07 ended with 30 Patrons

See a partial list of supporters.

I only posted 5 times in June and not even once in July, however I had many posts on the other sites, I just have not notified my Patreon supporters.

According to my Patreon page there are now 112 videos, 1 writing and 2 links available to the Patreons

All the other posts are public.


In June-July I had no post on dev.to.

Perl Maven

On the Perl Maven site there are 3 in June and 3 in July. (4 in May, 21 in April, 16 in March, 22 in February and 3, 34, 14, 5 in the previous months).

You can see them in the archive.

Code Maven

On the Code Maven site there are 17 posts in June and 6 in July. (21 posts in May, 16 in April, 7 in March, 2 in February and 12, 2, 7, 13 in the previous months).

You can see them in the archive there.

Perl Weekly

In the past 2 months I edited 4 of the issues and Manwar edited 4 issues of the Perl Weekly newsletter.


The number of followers on the various YouTube channels:

  English:   2,289 (+53)
  Hebrew:      207 (+9)
  Hungarian:    12 (+2)
  Spanish:      11 (+1)

Webinars and Meetups

In these 2 months I had only one webinar.

Live Pair programming

I had a lot less live pair programming events than earlier. We partially gave up on one of the application and finished the other one. At leas to the current level of requirements. Check out the live pair programming events page where I list all the previous episodes and all the planned events.

I have some plans going forward to renew the live programming sessions, but I am also going to be a bit busy with a lot of other things, so it won't be as it was earlier.

Spanish lessons

Keep using Duolingo on a very shallow level.

In June-July I think I did not have Spanish lessons via italki.


It is effectively over here in Israel. Very few restrictions remain, but traveling abroad is still not easy.


Playing lots of games on Dragon Go Server and also on Online Go.


According to Runkeeper I went walking 15 times in June and 15 times in July.


If you are interested in the routes and the pictures here are the 1 hike I had in June:

See also my Hiking in Israel Meetup group.


I have now 5 clients for whom I need to do lots of work with GitLab, CI, CD, Kubernetes. I also need to work on the material of my new course, the Advanced Programming course for Scientists that I start to teach in October. I have 2.5 months to prepare everything.

In addition I'd like to continue preparing and teaching the Crystal Course.

I also plan to continue doing live pair-programming sessions, but I know I won't have time to do as many as earlier. Besides that most of my work with clients is being done in pairs or with the whole team which takes a lot more energy than working alone.

I would like to be able to continue my daily task, but thinking about it, what I would really need is to have a "daily accomplishment". Working on some project and not making progress (because of bugs, difficulties etc.) makes me feel very bad. However if I can point to something that felt valuable that day, it makes everything much better. I need to work on this though.

Published on 2021-08-01 by Gabor Szabo